H2P has demonstrated that its breakthrough heat-to-power engine can reduce significantly trucks fuel consumption by recycling the heat from the exhaust gas.

In March 2016, after 7 years of totally confidential work, the French start-up H2P obtained fruitful results from testing its technology of heat recovery, obtaining the proof of potential fuel economy of 5% on a long haul truck.

H2P auxiliary engine increases the efficiency of a conventional engine by producing free additional mechanical power from hot gas. H2P technology relies on a unique open thermodynamic cycle and several innovative solutions for the mechanical setup. The design of H2P engine relies on a portfolio of worldwide delivered patents.

This technology opens new potential hybrid layouts to improve the efficiency of the powertrain and doesn't require major engine nor do vehicle modification. The contained BOM cost allow an unusual quick return on investment.

H2P systems has now reached an important milestone in its development with its first round of external funding planned for 2016. This will allow the team to finalise the development and initiate the manufacturing phase to reach a 2020 Start-Of-Production.

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